If you are looking to apply Chrome spray paint, you will need to have a Chrome spray painting system and there are a number of systems out there for sale such as the Spectra Chrome System or the Gold Touch Gold system but we would have to say that when it comes to spray chrome systems, our chrome spraying system is by far the best available spray chrome system for sale.



When applying any chrome spray paint it needs to be applies in an even manner with which to achieve the best results. The chrome illusion chrome spray system provides the most balanced application in the industry.
All of our spraying systems are made with the best precision engineering to ensure our equipment is of the highest standards in the industry and to minimize the chances of equipment break down.

Patented Chrome Spray Paints

Our Spray Systems have been extensively testes using our very own patented chrome spray paints to ensure upon the best applications.


All of our chrome spray systems come with a full warranty with parts covered in the warranty for 12 months for normal wear and tear.


Our Chrome Spraying systems have a very high coverage rate, why use a system with a 20 meter coverage rate when we have systems which can cover up to 500M.

Chrome Spray System Price​

Bespoke commercial pressurized system is £5900

The smaller Gravity system costs £1800

If you take into account the above factors, what you are left with is the best spray chrome system on the market which is available to both commercial operators and or hobbyists who complete their own chroming projects.

Of course with any product purchase via Chrome illusion, full training on use of the equipment is available to help you, the painter to get the most from the chroming equipment and ensure you are chrome painting to the best of your ability. Please do contact us with any questions you may have about our Spray Chrome Systems or any other Chrome Illusion products which may have captured your interest

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