No, not when its protected properly, we will discuss any concerns you may have for your piece and advise further.

Health and Safety Executive Document OC 687/7 describes possible hazards of chemical silvering processes and procedures. . You can also get in touch for copies of our MDMS docs in our contact box on the right hand side of the page
With our help, we are sure you can achieve any finish that you have in mind so Get in touch. We’ve worked with hundreds of finishes in our time. We’re confident we can achieve what you have in mind.
Of course! Get in touch with your address and the goods you want, we’ll get your stuff to you with out specialist Dangerous Goods Packers- priced per job.
No, its not a paint. The manner in which it is applied is vital to the final look of the part. The base coating and top coating are applied like most automotive paints, so some painting experience would be beneficial.
There is a huge difference side to side, 100% reflection is achievable with our chemistry. We do sell an excellent Demon Chrome Paint if you’re looking for a less luxurious finish- email us for more details.
The tint is applied in the final stages of the process, it gives you complete control over your final finish.
Email a photo with some details and we’ll get back to you and discuss possible options.
We offer full , comprehensive training days. From that moment we will be available to you 24/7 for any advice or assistance we can offer. Not only do our clients get products that are top grade, they get after care that is second to none. We also offer people who wish to franchise the opportunity through our Painting Franchise