In our silvering line we have a number of products both for the professional with a large customer base and a person who either has a smaller client base or is just beginning to build their silvering products.


Silvering is a part of the process in making mirrors by using a coating to enable a reflective surface to be attained. This is a process which has history with the first mirroring happening back in the 18oo’s with the advent of mirrors into fashion.


Silvering is completed using our systems which come in both large and small sizes to enable you to choose the relevant machine for your work load. Below is an image of one of our small silvering system which is available for you to purchase. We also offer full training in the procedures and health and safety standards for silvering application using our systems.
Below, we have images of our large commercial silvering system for those off you who have a larger work load to complete.


We sell mirroring solutions to many glass companies throughout the UK and Europe it is basically the same as Aqua Chrome but our formulas are different. The result will be a perfect mirror on laminated, toughened, safety and any other type of glass.
To accompany these we also sell Antiquing products to give all kinds of different effects.
To finish off, our mirror backing paint ensures there is no need to apply a copper backing to the mirror first before your backing paint, just silver and paint. An added bonus is that if you have a design with vinyl and apply our backing paint, once dried the vinyl will pull off leaving perfect edges with no pulling etc.

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