Aqua Chrome is our water based spray on chrome application which gives a 100% mirrored reflection on almost any surface and as such is one of , if not, the best chrome spray paint available in the industry. Please note that this is not Hydro chrome, which is the brand of another company, but we do believe as stated above, that our Aqua chrome is the highest quality available in the UK.
The silver solution is made up from two separate solutions A+B this supplies one side of the silvering gun.

The other side is made from solution C or Reducer.

The application process is as follows

  • Pre senstiser
  • Sensitizer
  • Silvering process
  • Anti tarnish

All processes have to be rinsed with De ionised or distilled water with a TDS reading of 000.


It is made from our own patented spray on chrome formula which only uses Grade 1 chemicals, not Chinese formulas and chemicals which are substandard in many cases and will give problems to you as the user in case and thus this will be passed on to your client if you are using chrome spray paint as a professional, nor is it imported from abroad.
Most of my competitors use either one of these which on our opinion does not do the industry service. We strive to maintain the highest levels of production and maintain all UK standards which is what buying British is known for.
Our chrome spray paint formulas have taken years to develop and bring to perfection and with our chemists from Re-Agent in Runcorn UK who make up our solutions for re-sale, we have found the perfect partners, not only are they extremely good at what they do but have tests in place throughout manufacture so you can be assured that every batch you receive is exactly the same. We work very closely with them to ensure you get the very latest in breakthrough solutions.
We are constantly in Research & Development mode in order to ensure that our chrome spray paint is of the best quality and that the end user receives the highest satisfaction from the application of the spray on chrome.
If you would like to have further information on our chrome spray paint, please do not hesitate to contact us via our contact pages which you can find a link to the page here.
Please do note that prices are negotiable and larger quantity orders will reduce your over all price. If you are purchasing within the UK, all prices are subject to VAT.

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